Martial arts for Older people
Chuan-Fa Self-Defense Class

Don't fight just win. 

Don't fight, don't wrestle, don't get dirty, don't take chances, just win and walk away. In  this Adults only class you can learn self defense applications that enable you to  take out a larger or stronger opponent. You learn internal toughness and the psychology of winning. You will gain unshakeable confidence. You will have more vitality, you'll have some unique fun, you'll feel great, make new friends and we offer a special section on Meditation for inner PEACE which is taught at each class.

No belts, uniforms, or contracts, are required. No Pushups.
This is for busy adults who have limited free time to  train in Martial Arts. 

The perfect class for mature adults who want to be highly skilled at...
The super-effective Martial Arts approach that conserves energy.
The type of Martial Power that doesn't demand that you are a professional athlete.
The kind of Fighting Skills that don't depend on you being able to kick over your head.
The Combat  Techniques that don't depend on you being  in great shape.
The kind of Martial Art  that cultivates the wily intelligence that can overcome all obstacles.


Here are some other videos of Sifu John doing a few techniques. 

movies/5 Doors.wmv  

Tues and Thurs 4-5 and 7-8 and Saturday 11-12 it's a great way to de-stress your mind.

Call me first to let me know you are attending. 

A perfect form of Martial Arts for mature Adults who want power and confidence without becoming a professional athlete.
You will Training which cultivates happiness, vitality, and inner peace.

Private lessons one on one training and conditioning programs
custom designed to fit your needs. Send me an e-mail or Call or text Sifu John McKenna for more information at 720-417-9631. 


Wu-Li School of Martial Arts Evergreen Colorado