Its so much fun, you won't even notice that you are working out. Our art is so interesting that you won't have any of the drudgery associated with contemporary exercise programs. You will be fit for life, your body will be lean and strong and you will have great muscle tone and flexibility. 

You will become flexible through stretching, you will have greater lung capacity, your heart will be strong, and you will have a happier disposition as a result of feeling so good. Your life will improve in all areas.

Chinese Kempo, Kuntao, Jiu-Jitsu Silat, MMA, and more. 

A drop in fee of $15.00
for your first class as you check it out and see if this school is a fit for you.

The monthly cost is  $130.00 per month for as many classes a week as you want to take. Check the Schedule 

Family discounts available. Call me and we'll go over the best way to get started, your goals, and how to make Martial Arts a positive family event.

I guarantee you will have a lot of fun, make some great new friends and create a lifelong habit of radiant health and vitality.

Moms and Dads,  train with your kids 
Tues and Thurs 5:30-6:30

You can learn forms that flow as a beautiful dance movements, or forms that explode with power. So lets chat and see what you would most like to learn in the next 6 months.

We teach Women's Self-Defense and Kick Boxing conditioning. Yes we do grappling, point sparring, forms, and techniques of Chi-Gung for inner peace and radiant health.

Yes you can learn certain breathing exercises Chi-Gung and meditation techniques that relieve stress and help you  look and feel ten years younger.

Call right now and I'll give you a free private lesson if you ask for one. Sifu John McKenna 720-417-9631

Other discounts are available for different levels of commitment.  

Below is a link to our welcome kit. Many of your questions will be answered there. 
It's a good idea to print it out and keep it handy. Discounts, enrollment forms, our principles, rules, guidelines and Warriors code game documents.

Print out the enrollment form from the link below, fill it out and  bring it with you,
Print the Welcome kit
 and bring it with you. This has all the information you will need. 
It has all the price breaks and the enrollment form.

If you'd like to pay your dues online with a credit card use this Pay Pal address paypal.me/JohnFMcKenna

Family or group Discounts gather a few friends and get a group discount.



Wu-Li School of Martial Arts Evergreen Colorado