Do you want your child to live
an extraordinary life?

Leadership for kids video 

It's a fun and challenging personal development program where 
kids learn...

Leadership skills
How to get better grades
How to get  along with others
How to overcome anger
Behave better in school and at home
How to avoid bad influences
How to stay healthy


Don't you wish you had that as a child?

Letters from parents

Martial arts might be the key to a fantastic life for your child.
Behind all the fun and exercise we teach a set of values and reinforce them as a constant unwavering code of ethics. It creates a curriculum within the curriculum and it is subtle but very effective. We live by “The Warriors Code” and it becomes a foundation for excellence in all areas of life. You know how important these formative years can be.

Leadership skills
Kids love to lead if they are taught how. We know how to empower them as teachers. All the kids in our program are taught how to lead the class and help the newer students to learn.

This gives them a powerful sense of confidence and helps them learn to be considerate of others. It also gives them the perspective of what their teachers go through in school.

This produces an  amazing behavior change in school. The results are: self-confidence in all areas of life, forever. They cooperate better with teachers and at home. It also helps them treat their younger siblings much better. This means better careers in the future, and deeper relationships with all people.

Our four rules for success in Martial Arts class are...
1. Have fun. 
2. Improve a little bit.
3. Learn something new.
4. Stay safe.

How to overcome anger 
We teach the kids to face their fears and to deal with life on life’s terms. We teach kids to solve their problems with clear communication and they learn very quickly that anger doesn’t work that well in trying to get their point across. We teach them that they can solve their problems without getting upset. This creates a lifelong orientation to diplomacy and peaceful conflict resolution. Don’t you wish you had that knowledge when you were a kid?

Behave better in school and at home 
The Martial Arts Teacher consults with parents and kids to solve discipline or academic problems in school. You can call me any time there is a problem in a key area and I turn it into a lesson for the whole group. This way everyone benefits. If the problem persists I have private coaching conversations with the child to help him or her overcome the difficulty while referring to “The Warriors Code” and the Martial Arts attitude.

How to avoid bad influences 
The kids in this class become great friends and thus develop an amazing peer group of kids who are positive and helpful and won’t get them into trouble. Joining this peer group is one of the greatest benefits of being in our program. The results: Kids stay off drugs and learn to avoid troublemakers. They stay focused on positive goals and get the support and encouragement of new friends while they are at it.

How to stay healthy 
Positive habits are emphasized during training. The kids are given incentives to join special teams within the class like ‘The Black Belt Club” this means they try a little harder get a few private lessons and practice more at home. When we get kids to practice at home (with their parents’ support) they learn a lifelong habit of staying healthy on their own. They are rewarded for these efforts by rapid advancement and early promotions. This reinforces the self discipline of staying healthy. They are also taught basic principles of nutrition and exercise.

How to get along with others


Although they are coached and rewarded for their personal accomplishments, teamwork is emphasized. Good sportsmanship is first and foremost. Although we engage in some fun competition we stress cooperation over competition and thus create balance.

How to get Better Grades
Before every class the students sit still and get their mind quiet. This creates an enhanced learning capability as access to the alpha brain wave state is taught. We create a magic button that gives kids the power to “focus” on command.

They are then encouraged to use this technique before study and whenever they are in time out or experiencing emotional upset.  This greatly enhances study time and creates a calmer emotional disposition. The results are: better grades and more emotional peace.

Athletic ability, discipline, achievement, and personal excellence are what we teach. In your heart you know that NOW is the time to create the core values that will last their entire lifetime.  

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