Do you want your child to live
an extraordinary life?

Little Tyksters have different needs

We encourage parents to join in the fun. 
These are small fun classes.  
Work out with your kids and bring it home.
Its a great way to play together.

Saturdays 10:30-11:00 
Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:30- 5:00

Call me and lets get started 720-417-9631

Letters from parents

It's a fun program where 
little tykes learn...

That they are good people (esteem)
A little Listening
How to coordinate those new muscles 
How to do better at home 
Avoid danger and be alert
How to stay happy 
How to play with others

Learning is fun, 
a wee little bit of discipline too.

In your heart you know that NOW is the time to enhance their self love, their learning rhythm (learning is fun) and the core values of goodness that will shape their future

Our four rules for success in Martial Arts class are...
1. Have fun. 
2. Improve a little bit.
3. Learn something new.
4. Stay safe.



Wu-Li School of Martial Arts Evergreen Colorado