Classical Martial Arts

Its a way of being. 

Classical Martial Arts enhances all areas of your life. You get peace, you get health, you feel vital and good, you free yourself of stress, you get a group of positive people to work out with, you learn to master your self. You become more of the person you want to be. This program also offers elements of Mental Martial Arts that help you to be more peaceful, centered, stress-free and powerful. And all the kicking gets you in great shape.

This is the classical training in Kenpo, Chuan-Fa, Indonesian Silat and Chinese Kuntao. This class  includes aspects of MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido, and Kickboxing. This is a well rounded black belt ranking program with conditioning, forms, and self defense training. This class also offers (optional) ground fighting, grappling, and sparring for those interested.  The Black belt is awarded in Chinese Kenpo but the student will be well versed in many styles.


Call John McKenna for more information and mention this for a free class pass at 303-838-9467. 



Wu-Li School of Martial Arts Evergreen Colorado