Our classes offer the best aspects of many arts including Kempo, Silat, Jiu-Jitsu, Kuntao, Kick-Boxing  and Mixed Martial Arts. 

Adults only classes and schedule.  
From Classical Martial Arts to Kick-Conditioning, to 

Street Smart Self Defense
, we have a program for you. Would you like to learn how to completely de-stress your body and mind? Ask about the unique Mental Martial arts program that is offered to all our adult students.

For KIDS, The most fun Martial Arts School in Evergreen Colorado.

See a video of our Kids leadership program

Our program is like a Personal growth seminar for kids. 
Kids Learn leadership, Responsibility, Discipline and great communication skills in a fun filled highly supervised environment.
Read  letters from parents here. 

Attn Parents: Play "The Warriors Code Game" with your kids at home to teach valuable skills and create a learning environment.

We have classes for parents who want to work out with their Kids Tuesday Thursday 5-6:00.

Check out our little tykes class ages 3-6

Testing is optional and occurs quarterly for rank promotions for those who are interested in earning a black belt.

Enroll now and enjoy a fantastic Martial Arts experience in Evergreen Colorado.

This school has been serving Evergreen kids adults and residents since 1983.

The Best way to find out if a  Martial Arts Program is right for you is to have a private meeting with the instructor and...

Take a no obligation trial class to check it out.  Questions? Email me and get a semi-private or group lesson. Let's set up a phone conversation to discuss your needs and desires and pick a time for your lesson. Call John 303-838-9467


The Wu Li School of Martial Arts presents classes in Chinese Kuntao, Silat, and Kempo Karate for Adults and Kids. We are a small group of dedicated Martial artists who train together in a spirit of humility. 

 Our location is in Downtown Evergreen on Meadow Drive above Rising Graphics on the second floor the address is   27985 Meadow Drive, Suite 200-B



Wu-Li School of Martial Arts Evergreen Colorado